Screw Source

Computerized Data Bank of New, Rebuilt and Ready For Rebuild, Screws, Barrels & Machinery

Flite Technology Inc., already one of the industry's most diversified screw and barrel organizations, has implemented yet another innovation: A fully computerized multiple-listing type service identifying and locating all known new, rebuilt, and ready to rebuild screws and barrels throughout the country. You can also list used machines you may have for sale. The service will be offered on a no-cost basis to buyers/sellers of this equipment. Sellers will be required to submit a short form for each listing in order to accommodate accurate maintenance of the data base. Call today and forms will be sent to you immediately.

Why To List
  • Listings are free.
  • Turn old screw and barrel stock into cash.
  • Trade-ins accepted for discounts, against new and rebuild orders.
  • Exchange for different compression ratios and designs.
  • Exchange for units constructed of higher abrasive or corrosive resistant materials more suited to present running conditions.

Why To Inquire
  • Emergency replacements
  • Rental and lease programs.
  • Loaners.
  • Exchanges for different designs.
  • Product and material changes.
  • Short proto type runs.
  • Even requirements for special screw designs can be supplied by modifying existing screws and saving hundreds of dollars versus the cost of new screws.

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