America's best prices on feed Screws and Barrels, Guaranteed!

Why are you paying top prices for these replacement machine components when you could be letting an expert shop the entire industry to get you the best deal? This firm has taken on a select group of processors for which we handle all of their screw and barrel needs. We have over 25 years in the industry including the former ownership of one of the country's largest feed screws and barrels manufacturing and rebuilding plants. Additionally we have worked with almost every supplier in the industry. Know the capabilities of each shop in detail and who stands behind their product and who doesn't. We deal with only first class quality shops and everything is manufactured or rebuild to our specifications and must pass our own tough inspections and standards. We stand behind every job 100% because it is preformed under our control and according to our demanding requirements.
Some of the products (new & used) and services we offer;

- Single screws and barrels
- Twin screws and barrels
- Screw segments, kneading blocks and shafts
- Segmented barrels
- Feed screw design
- Injection barrel resleeving
- Twin barrel resleeving
- Screw and barrel wear instrumentation devices
- Barrel alignment
- In plant training
- In plant process trouble shooting
- Expert witness testimony

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