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Plastic Extrusion and Injection Screw Guide

This list is suggested only as a reference for proper screw hardfacing.  Consideration should be given to type of processing, screw RPM, filters used, screw size, geometry, etc.Please call your local Flite Technology representative for your specific applications.

Polymer Filler Overlay
ABS Calcium Carbonate FT3000
ABS Clay FT1000
ABS Flame Retardant FT560
ABS Glass FT3000
ABS Modified (SAN) FT560
ABS Normal FT1000
ABS PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
ABS Silicon FT3000
ABS/PC Normal FT1000
ABS/PS Normal FT1000
ABS/PVC Flame Retardant FT560
ABS/PVC Glass-Flame Retardant FT3000
ABS/PVC Normal FT560
Acetal Carbon FT1000
Acetal Carbon Black FT560
Acetal Copolymer FT1000
Acetal Glass FT3000
Acetal Graphite FT1000
Acetal Molybdenum Disulphide FT1000
Acetal Normal FT1000
Acetal Oil FT1000
Acetal PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Acetal Silicon FT3000
Acetal Silicon (TFE) FT560
Acrylic Copolymer FT1000
Acrylic Inert FT1000
Acrylic Methyl-Methac Styrene FT1000
Acrylic Normal FT1000
Acrylic Styr-Methyl Methacrylate FT1000
Acrylic/PVC Normal FT1000
As/MOD Olefin Flame Retardant FT560
Acrylic Normal FT1000
Acrylic Styr-Methyl Methacrylate FT1000
Acrylic/PVC Normal FT1000
As/MOD Olefin Flame Retardant FT560
Acrylonitrite Styrene Copolymers Normal FT1000
Alkyd Carbon Black FT560
Alkyd Cellulose FT1000
Alkyd Flame Retardant FT560
Alkyd Glass FT3000
Alkyd Glass Flame Retardant FT3000
Alkyd Glass Mineral FT3000
Alkyd Mineral FT3000
Alkyd Monomeric Styrene FT1000
Alkyd Normal FT560
Alkyd PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Alkyd Vinyl Toluene FT560
Allyl Ester Carbon Black FT560
Allyl Ester Flame Retardant FT560
Allyl Ester Glass FT3000
Allyl Ester Glass-Flame Retardant FT3000
Allyl Ester Glass Mineral FT3000
Allyl Ester Monomeric Styrene FT1000
Allyl Ester Normal FT560
Allyl Ester PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Allyl Ester Vinyl Toluene FT560
Brominated Epoxy Antimony Oxide FT560
Brominated Epoxy Filled Synthetic Fiber FT1000
Cellulose Acetate Flame Retardant FT560
Cellulose Acetate Normal FT1000
Cellulose Butyrate Normal FT560
Ethyl Cellulose Normal FT560
Ethylene Propylene Copolymer FT1000
Ethylene Propylene Flame Retardant FT560
Ethylene Propylene Normal FT1000
Ethylene Propylene PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Ethylene Vinylacetate Normal FT560
Flurocarbon(CTFE) Copolymer FT560
Flurocarbon(CTFE) Glass FT560
Flurocarbon(CTFE) Normal FT560
Flurocarbon(FFP) Glass FT3000
Flurocarbon(FEP) Normal FT1000
Flurocarbon(PFA) Normal FT560
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Bronze FT3000
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Cokeflour FT560
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Glass FT3000
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Glass Graphite FT3000
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Glass Molysulfide FT3000
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Graphite FT560
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Normal FT1000
Flurocarbon(PTFE) Polyester FT560
Fluropolymer Carbon FT560
Fluropolymer Copolymer FT1000
Fluropolymer Glass FT3000
Fluropolymer Normal FT560
Furan Glass FT3000
Hydroxpypropyl Normal FT1000
Ionomer Normal FT560
Melamine Formaldehyde Cellulose FT1000
Melamine Formaldehyde Cokeflour FT1000
Melamine Formaldehyde Cotton FT1000
Melamine Formaldehyde Filled Synthetic Fiber FT3000
Melamine Formaldehyde Glass FT3000
Melamine Formaldehyde Glass Mineral FT3000
Melamine Formaldehyde Mineral FT3000
Melamine Formaldehyde Normal FT1000
Melamine Formaldehyde Nylon FT1000
Melamine Phenolic Cellulose FT560
Melamine Phenolic Glass Molysulfide FT3000
Melamine Phenolic Normal FT560
Melamine Phenolic Woodflour FT560
Nylon Carbon FT1000
Nylon Copolymer FT1000
Nylon Glass FT3000
Nylon 11 Glass Graphite FT560
Nylon 11 Graphite FT1000
Nylon 11 Molybdenum Disulphide FT1000
Nylon 11 Normal FT1000
Nylon 11 Plasticized FT1000
Nylon 12 Glass FT3000
Nylon 12 Glass Graphite FT3000
Nylon 12 Glass (PTFE/TFE) FT560
Nylon 12 Graphite FT1000
Nylon 12 Molybdenum Disulphide FT1000
Nylon 12 Normal FT1000
Nylon 12 Plasticized FT1000
Nylon 12 PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
PET Glass FT560 or FT3000
PET Normal FT1000
Phenolic Asbestos FT560
Phenolic Cellulose FT560
Phenolic Cotton FT560
Phenolic Glass FT3000
Phenolic Graphite FT560
Phenolic Macerated Fabric FT560
Phenolic Normal FT560
Phenolic Nylon FT560
Phenolic Woodflour FT560
Phenolic Woodflour-Rubber FT560
Phenolic Aluminum FT3000
Phenolic Filled Synthetic Fiber FT3000
Phenolic Glass Mineral FT3000
Phenolic Iron FT3000
Phenolic Mica FT3000
Phenolic Mineral FT3000
Phenolic Sisal FT1000
Phenylene Oxide Cotton FT1000
Phenylene Oxide Flame Retardant FT560
Phenylene Oxide Glass FT3000
Phenylene Oxide Glass- Flame Retardant FT3000
Phenylene Oxide Mineral FT3000
Phenylene Oxide PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Poly Acrylo-Nitrile Normal FT560
Poly Allomer Normal FT1000
Polyarylene Ether Glass FT3000
Polyarylene Ether Normal FT560
Polyisobutylene Normal FT560
Polycarbonate Carbon FT560
Polycarbonate Flame Retardant FT560
Polycarbonate Glass FT3000
Polycarbonate Glass-Flame Retardant FT3000
Polycarbonate Glass (PTFE-TFE) FT560
Polycarbonate Normal FT560
Polycarbonate PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polycarbonate Silicon FT3000
Polyester Carbon Black FT560
Polyester Flame Retardant FT560
Polyester Glass FT3000
Polyester Glass-Flame Retardant FT3000
Polyester Glass Mineral FT3000
Polyester Monomeric Styrene FT1000
Polyester Normal FT560
Polyester PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyester Vinyl Toluene FT560
Polyester PBT Flame Retardant FT560
Polyester PBT Glass FT3000
Polyester PBT Glass-Flame Retardant FT3000
Polyester PBT Glass-Mineral Flame Retardant FT3000
Polyester PBT Graphite FT1000
Polyester PBT Mineral FT3000
Polyester PBT Normal FT1000
Polyester PBT PFTE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyester PBT Silicon FT3000
Polyester -Copolyester Glass FT560
Polyester -Copolyester Normal FT1000
Polyether Sulfone Glass FT560
Polyether Sulfone Normal FT560
Polyethylene Blowing Agent FT560
Polyethylene Butylene Copolymer FT560
Polyethylene Cadmium FT3000
Polyethylene Carbon FT1000
Polyethylene Carbon Black FT1000
Polyethylene Clay FT560
Polyethylene Copolymer FT1000
Polyethylene Ethyl Acrylate FT1000
Polyethylene Flame Retardant FT560
Polyethylene Hexane Copolymer FT560
Polyethylene Homopolymer FT1000
Polyethylene Normal FT1000
Polyethylene PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate FT1000
Polyimide Carbon FT560
Polyimide Carbon Black FT560
Polyimide Glass FT560
Polyimide Normal FT560
Polyimide PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfide Asbestos FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfide Carbon FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfide Filled synthetic Fiber FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfide Flame Retardant FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfide Glass FT560 or FT3000
Polyphenyl Sulfide Glass-Flame Retardant FT560 or FT3000
Polyphenyl Sulfide Glass Mineral FT560 or FT3000
Polyphenyl Sulfide Inorganic FT560 or FT3000
Polyphenyl Sulfide Normal FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfide PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyphenyl Sulfone Normal FT560
Polypropylene Asbestos FT560
Polypropylene Calcium Carbonate FT560
Polypropylene Carbon Black FT560
Polypropylene Copolymer FT560
Polypropylene Filled Synthetic Fiber FT560
Polypropylene Flame Retardant FT560
Polypropylene Glass FT560 or FT3000
Polypropylene Glass Graphite FT560 or FT3000
Polypropylene Homopolymer FT560
Polypropylene Mineral FT560
Polypropylene Normal FT560
Polypropylene PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polypropylene Talc FT560or FT300
Polyolefin Carbon Black FT1000
Polyolefin Copolymer FT1000
Polyolefin Glass FT3000
Polyolefin Mineral FT3000
Polyolefin Normal FT1000
Polystyrene Copolymer FT1000
Polystyrene Flame Retardant FT560
Polystyrene Glass FT560 or FT3000
Polystyrene Normal FT1000
Polystyrene PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polystyrene Silicon FT560 or FT3000
Polystyrene Styr-Methyl Methacrylate FT1000
Polysulfone Carbon FT560
Polysulfone Flame Retardant FT560
Polysulfone Glass FT560 or FT3000
Polysulfone Glass-Flame Retardant FT3000
Polysulfone Glass(PTFE/TFE) FT560
Polysulfone Mineral FT3000
Polysulfone Normal FT560
Polysulfone PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyurethane Carbon FT1000
Polyurethane Glass FT3000
Polyurethane Glass(PTFE/TFE) FT560
Polyurethane Polycaprolactone FT1000
Polyurethane Polyester FT1000
Polyurethane Polyester FT1000
Polyurethane PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Polyurethane (TP) Carbon FT1000
Polyurethane (TP) Filled Synthetic FT560 or FT3000
Polyurethane (TP) Flame Retardant FT560
Polyurethane (TP) Normal FT1000
Polyurethane (TP) Polyester FT1000
Polyvinyl Acetate Normal FT560
Polyvinyl Cabazole Normal FT560
Polyvinyl  Chlorida Antimony Oxide FT3000
Polyvinyl  Chlorida Asbestos FT560
Polyvinyl Chloride Blowing agent FT560
Polyvinyl Chlorida Calcium Carbonate FT3000
Polyvinyl Chlorida China Clay FT3000
Polyvinyl Chlorida Clay FT3000
Polyvinyl Chloride Copolymer FT3000
Polyvinyl Chlorida Filled Synthetic Fiber FT3000
Polyvinyl Chlorida Flame Retardant FT560
Polyvinyl Chlorida Glass FT3000
Polyvinyl Chlorida Normal FT3000
Polyvinyl Chlorida Talc FT3000
Polyvinyl Chloride Tin-Titanium FT1000
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Asbestos FT3000
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Carbon Graphite FT560
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Copolymer FTY560
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Glass FT3000
Polyvinylidene Fluoride Normal FT560
Poly P-Xylene Normal FT560
SAN Copolymer FT1000
SAN Glass FT560 or FT3000
SAN Glass-Flame Retardant FT560 or FT3000
SAN Graphite FT1000
SAN Normal FT1000
SAN PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
SAN Silicon FT560 or FT3000
Styrene-Butadiene Copolymer FT1000
Styrene Terpolymer Glass FT560 or FT3000
Styrene Terpolymer Glass-Flame Retardant FT560 or FT3000
Styrene Terpolymer Glass (PTFE-TFE) FT560 or FT3000
Styrene Terpolymer Normal FT1000
Terpolymer Normal FT1000
Terpolymer PTFE-TFE (Teflon) FT560
Thermoplastic Elsatomer Copolymer FT1000
Thermoplastic Elsatomer Flame Retardant FT560
Urea Formaldehyde Cellulose FT1000
Urea Formaldehyde Normal FT1000
Urea Formaldehyde Woodflour FT1000
Vinyl Ester Monomeric Styrene FT1000