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Flite Technology

Screw, Extrusion and Injection

Rebuilding, Hardfacing flights welded with Colmonoys, Stellites, tool steels and special Flite Tech compositions including cobalt based FT60 and FT120, nickel based FT560, tungsten based FT3000 and molybdenum based FT/Mo-42 and pure molybdenum. Applications involving proprietary systems and techniques not listed are also employed. Inlaid and full width flights available. Screws are rebuilt for far less than replacement costs of new ones. Ask for our HARDFACING Guide for further Information.

Manufacture — Doubled flighted, constant and variable leads, no configuration too complex. Made from high carbon alloys, Nitralloy, chrome-moly, 4140 and exotic steels. High tensile strength to suppress breakage. For U.S. and foreign made machines. Precise dimensional tolerances held. FLITEX barrier screw designs also available.

Size No Problem — Up to 21" diameter and 39' long, made in one piece. No screw too small. Flight depths consistent. Root, bearing sections and drive shank diameters held concentric with flight O.D.'s

Manufactured and refurbished — Co-rotating and counter-rotating. Seal areas rebuilt.

Conical twins — Rebuilt and flight diameters ground back to original factory specifications

Segments Manufactured and Rebuilt — Includes segments with internal key-ways and complex splines. Ends faced off and segments pressed off shafts, re-installed and timed if possible rebuilt, prior to shipping if required.

Twin Interaction — Careful attention given to critical inter-mesh dimensions between screw or segment flights.

Conversions — With machine conversions quite popular now (Example: Larger O.D. and long screw lengths), don't throw away those old screws. We can modify them to a new design and, in many cases, save you thousands of dollars.

Shafts Manufactured, Repaired — Seal areas rebuilt and straightened.

Compounding — Continuous compounding and kneader components manufactured and rebuilt.

Sterlite and Hastelloy are trademarks of Cabot Corp., Wear Tech. Division. Colmonoy is a trademak of Wall Colmonoy Corp. Nitralloy is a trademark of Joseph Ryersone & Sons. CPM-10V is a trademark of Crucible Metals Corp. FLITECH, Mo-42, FT, FLITEX, KORGUARD, KORTECH, CROMEX-24, KORALLY, KORTUNG, NOTRATECH, DIAMOND FLITE, CYL/TECH, TROMETALLIX, LIBERATOR, GLASS COMMANDER, FLITE-MIKE are trademaks of Flite Technology and SCREW SOURCE is a service mark of Flite Technology, Inc.