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Flite Technology
Flite Technology


Often we are asked how we are able to keep our Feed Screw and Barrel prices so competitive. The answer is simple. We sell direct. Flite Technology is a streamlined, highly efficient organization. Because we operate in this manner, we can offer your company very competitive pricing. Give us a call Toll Free at 1-800-327-9310 to learn how competitive our prices really are.


CylinderTM TechnologyCT-110CT-220CT-330CT-350CT-880CT-890
ApplicationAbrasive Wear ResistanceAdhesive Wear ResistanceCorrosion ResistanceHydrofluoric ResistanceVery High Wear and Corrosion ResistanceHighest Wear and Corrosion Resistance
Hardness (HRC)55-6558-6148-5455-6255-6458-66
AlloyFe-Ni-BHigh CR-AlloyNi-CO-CR-BNi-LOW FeNi-W-CR-BNi-W-CR-B
Tensile Strength, Ultimate 52,00052,00051,00050,00058,00059,000
Strain To Fracture (%)
Density 1B/cu.in.0.2740.2820.3020.3020.3600.365
Melting Range2000ºF-2050ºF2025ºF-2095ºF1900ºF-1970ºF1920ºF-1980ºF1800ºF-1890ºF1810ºF-1910ºF
Specific Gravity7.577.687.947.969.8010.04
Thermal Conductivity7.4 BTU/hr/sq ft/ft/ºF7.6 BTU/hr/sq ft/ft/ºF18.1 BTU/hr/sq ft/ft/ºF18.3 BTU/hr/sq ft/ft/ºF18.7 BTU/hr/sq ft/ft/ºF18.9 BTU/hr/sq ft/ft/ºF
Co-efficient of Thermal Expansion6 x 10(-6)/ºF 6.1 x 10(-6)/ºF6.4 x 10(-6)/ºF6.6 x 10(-6)/ºF5.55 x 10(-6)/ºF5.56 x 10(-6)/ºF


NitratechTMInjection Resleeving and Some Twin BarrelsExtremely Hard Abrasive ResistantIon-Nitrided, Nitralloy® 135m
TrimetallixTMInjection ResleevingMulti-Application Use. Superior General PurposeSpecial Alloy Tool Steel
CPM 10VInjection ResleevingExtraordinary Wear QualitiesVanadium - Alloy